The Curious Definition of “Fan Static Pressure” Part-1

Many HVAC engineers work their entire careers and retire without realizing that what they always thought of as Fan Static Pressure is not how ASHRAE, AMCA or the fan manufacturer’s define Fan Static Pressure (FSP). The concept of Fan Static Pressure is a purely “defined” one – there is no direct measurement in the field that corresponds to “Fan Static Pressure”. FSP is commonly confused by Engineers with the Fan Static Pressure Rise or Duct Static Pressure Rise.

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Duct System Losses Are Total Pressure Losses

Confusion in the use of the terms STATIC PRESSURE and TOTAL PRESSURE is widely prevalent among HVAC Engineers and Contractors. There are serious consequences of not distinguishing clearly between the two, and one example would be that you make troubleshooting more difficult and in some cases impossible.

This article clarifies the distinction between Static Pressure and Total Pressure.

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