A Closer Look At Condensing Boiler Efficiency PART-I

Mat Ansari PE

The art of peddling Boilers has shifted from the realms of Logic and Thermodynamics to sheer magic and out-of-context truths.  It is becoming imperative for Engineers like myself, who get involved with selecting Boilers maybe four or five times a year, to educate ourselves about the basic facts of boiler efficiency.  In this series of posts we will take a closer look at the work-horse of our industry – the common commercial gas fired hot water boiler in the 2 million BTU input range.  The posts will attempt to investigate the realistic level of efficiencies that might be expected from these boilers. We will assume that no special “heat recovery” contraptions are in use.

Please Read the full PDF Article below and then come back here for comments:

20131028 Condensing Boiler Efficiency-1

Continued in PART-2

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