A Closer Look At Condensing Boiler Efficiency PART-III

Mat Ansari PE

Dew Point Temperature Of Flue Gas

One of the key concepts that needs to be clearly understood when discussing boiler efficiency is the concept of the Dew Point Temperature of the Flue Gases.  (Or more specifically the Dew Point of the water vapor in the flue gas.)  If you are going to design a HW Boiler installation, you must be aware of what the Flue Gas Dew Point is going to be.  In fact, flue gas dew point becomes even more important if your boiler is of the Non-Condensing type.  Ignoring this critical piece of design information can be very costly.

Please read the full PDF article in link below and come back here for comments:

20131028 Condensing Boiler Efficiency-3

Continued in Part IV

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